A formerly ailing manatee named TexasTeeMiguel flew in a special manatee container and was misted regularly throughout the flight to his new home.
Pollution is destroying the sea grass manatees eat, so officials are stepping in with lots and lots of lettuce.
Conservationists suspect manatees are suffering from a lack of sea grass, which the beloved sea cows eat.
Actor Dave Bautista wants to find the "low life scummy MAGATS that did this."
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said whoever etched the letters into algae on the animal's skin may have violated the Endangered Species Act.
The algae bloom, which may have killed as many as 127 manatees this year, has reached the Tampa Bay area.
Dozens of manatees and hundreds of sea turtles have died in the longest-running red tide outbreak since 2006.