A Vermont couple is trying to recapture Pea, who has been on the run for around 6 weeks.
“With the dark-coloured cars, they can see their reflection fairly clearly, so they mistake that as another peacock and have at it.”
To be sure, this time will shine. Regrettably, it may often shine with the coarse flame of anger and pride, with the sickly gleam of the fascist's polished boot. But it will also shine from our renewed hearts.
"A Peacock Among Pigeons" is for "anyone who has been made to feel different."
I got the call at night. My 86-year-old father Morry, a man so full of energy and life that he worked full-time until he was 76 years old, had overdosed on pain medicine. They pumped his stomach, but they couldn't tell yet whether he would live.
The end of NASA's shuttle space program two years ago left a touristic void in Cape Canaveral, Fla., when hundreds of thousands
After Grove residents released pet peacocks, there were upwards of 35 peacocks and peahens roaming free within a three-block
And all that is fine, but wouldn't one expect Mother Nature to be more practical? If the goal is survival, go run and hide