queer artists

Our current environment isn't specific to Trump. Artists have been responding to certain, similar political forces that have been in play in this country for a very long time, so Trump is not a new problem.
Tim Rollins is being honored with a new exhibit in his home state.
With the presidential election on the horizon, former detainee and artist José Alvarez’s work is as relevant as ever.
To depict her community in a manner both truthful and loving: This was Catherine Opie’s goal.
"I was petrified to remove my shirt in the locker room," Ryan Caruthers explained.
Some of the pages are personal in other ways. One of the pages is an - "I still remember you," said Moustafa, "It was definitely
Undoing years of machismo culture, one song at a time.
I believe you can make genuine connections through online dating and social media. But you have to be honest with yourself about whether those connections are really happening or whether you are just distracting yourself from loneliness or, worse, avoiding pursuing a passion.
Photographer Adam Moco set out to expose the diverse beauty of the unclothed male form.
"I hope that the legacy of this film will be that it reminds people of how important it is to be your authentic self."