richard pryor

"I bombed when I shouldn't have," Mason Pryor said.
"It's apparent that 'wordvomit' and bad-mouthing is inexcusable," Jones said about his widely shared interviews.
Quincy Jones and Jennifer Pryor Lee said earlier this week that the comedian and actor had had sex.
Quincy Jones said the comedy and screen legends got it on.
Jay Pharoah is set to portray Richard Pryor in the film.
In keeping with the Bentzen Ball's tradition of showcasing rising talents , the festival is spotlighting an explosively brilliant
"He was the strictest dad in the world."
Audiences didn't watch Gene Wilder movies to imagine themselves pranking the Dean Wormers of the world, they mocked the world
"I'm a product of this thing that everyone was against."
“Ali came out, he threw about eight punches, man. About a quarter inch from my nose. I said, ‘Shiiiiiiit.’"