Download Elbi to do social good in <3 minutes. Your daily deeds could make someone's day -

Elbi is a global platform for social good, connecting charities and kind-hearted people to make a big difference with little actions.

It goes like this. On the train home you send a joke to Max, stuck on the children’s ward in London. Feels good. Then you’re waiting for a coffee and you snap a smiley selfie to a cleft surgery patient in rural India. She sends you one back. That feels really good, so you tap the Love Button to send £1/$1.

Now, you can volunteer moments of your time and give without breaking the bank. Open the app each day to do good on the go in <3 minutes.

Elbi HQ in London is the home of a team of philanthropic tech lovers, founded by Natalia Vodianova and led by a CEO formerly of Google and Facebook. We’re harnessing tech for good. And we’re very, very passionate about it.