Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. said that an investigation was conducted, prompting forthcoming staffing changes and other measures to deal with the issues raised.
It's unclear if the new release schedule for the highly anticipated Christopher Nolan movie will actually pan out, given the COVID-19 uncertainty.
The postponements of two more Hollywood movies, which were slated to open in June, suggest COVID-19 could keep cultural institutions closed for months.
Taping of the show was set for Monday and Tuesday but apparently has been delayed due to coronavirus precautions.
She jumped out at fans while guest-hosting "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."
Warner Bros. said it will defend against the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s claims that the film is "defamatory" for portraying its former journalist as offering sex to sources.
The Joaquin Phoenix-fronted supervillain film generated over $93 million at the box office.
Some family members of the victims are also calling on Warner Bros. to support gun control measures.
Lim was offered far less than co-writer Peter Chiarelli by Warner Bros.