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Adam Wingard, who had big dreams for the film's theater debut, was initially "devastated" that it would be streamed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The studio supposedly thought it stepped in it with the superhero movie.
The actor, known for playing Cyborg, has been vocal about alleged abuse on the movie's set and slammed DC Films president Walter Hamada on Twitter.
A third "Wonder Woman" film is being fast-tracked by Warner Bros. amid the mixed reviews for the just-released “Wonder Woman 1984."
The actor made a clear statement with his hoodie in the final moments of his debut "SNL" episode.
The director argued that his sci-fi epic was meant for theaters and would no longer "have the chance to perform financially in order to be viable."
The "Tenet" director said Hollywood's top stars and filmmakers would now be "working for the worst streaming service."
Blockbuster films like "Dune," "Matrix 4," "The Suicide Squad" and "In The Heights" will all now simultaneously premiere on HBO Max and in theaters.
Not even the actor knows exactly what's happening in the "Harry Potter" spinoff.
Dumbledore himself weighed in on Gellert Grindelwald being recast in the "Harry Potter" spinoff.