Warner Bros.

The not-so-plastic actor is a carbon copy of the Mattel figure in the first look at the upcoming live-action film.
After less than a month, streaming service CNN+ is being closed by CNN’s new owners.
Warner Bros. Discovery is expected to cease operations of the streaming service on April 30, according to multiple outlets.
Minecraft gamers are one step closer to finally getting a movie version.
The jewelry, couture outfits and glamorous style dazzled at the “Crazy Rich Asians” premiere. Constance Wu, Henry Golding and Awkwafina were among the stars sporting lavish garb with old hollywood flair.
Whether you read the books or saw the movies, chances are you loved Harry Potter. But which version did you prefer?
The third film in the "Harry Potter" spinoff franchise will hit theaters earlier than expected.
Adam Wingard, who had big dreams for the film's theater debut, was initially "devastated" that it would be streamed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.