Dorm Rooms

Perfect for small rooms, these air purifiers will provide a breath of fresh air.
Whether you're living in a college dorm or staying at a hotel, these waterproof shoes are important to have while you shower.
A fresh charger will not only work properly, but safely as well — and these clever options can also solve issues with weirdly-located wall outlets.
This compact and nifty kitchen appliance can sauté and cook food, all without a stove.
The entire home section is infused with Urban Outfitters’ perennially youthful vibe but with a decidedly grown-up, design-forward spin.
Start school off right with these viral storage solutions, bed upgrades and more.
These mini speakers from JBL, Bose and more highly-rated brands are perfect for dorms, travel and outdoor hangs.
A mini microwave, coffee maker, Instant Pot and more appliances made with small spaces in mind.
Save 50% on a highly rated air fryer that won't clutter up your counter.