The GOP rule during wildfires: Only talk about “active forest management.” Don’t even mention climate change.
The court sided with plaintiffs who argued that Alabama’s district maps were an unconstitutional racial gerrymander.
A Republican and a Democratic senator demanded CEO Shou Zi Chew tell the truth about whether sensitive U.S. user data has been stored on Chinese servers.
Trump's former vice president said an indictment "would only fuel further division in the country."
The White House press secretary shut down the conservative channel's Jacqui Heinrich.
Personalities on the conservative network mocked the dangerous air quality.
"What kind of human being does that?” the California governor asked.
"There are several things in there that would not pass the truth test," anchor John King said of the 2024 Republican candidate's latest spot.
The former president is "about to be indicted," predicted former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner.
The extremist Republican received a blunt reminder following her freakout over a U.S. Air Force tweet featuring the rainbow flag.