A "lot of people looked up to" the young reporter, and he inspired an interest in journalism in others, said his sister.
“I think they actually created their worst enemy ... in deplatforming her," Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger told "The View."
The monument would have featured sculptures of American historical figures. Trump himself curated the list of who was to be included.
The conspiracy theory-endorsing Colorado Republican tweeted about the "correct" ex-president.
"They’re trying to perform a frontal lobotomy on the American people," warned William Cohen, the Republican former senator for Maine.
"Everybody calm down," the "CNN Tonight" anchor said in a video clarifying his on-air comments.
Maybe the House minority leader could use a few more zzzzzs to clear his head.
Veterans reflect on the mission that America ignored — and that many of them are still paying for.
"I've just frankly had enough with these marauding goons in the Marjorie Taylor Greene crowd," said the Democrat, who admitted using some "choice" language.
Kevin Stitt was taken off the panel a week after he signed a bill outlawing the teaching of some race and racism concepts in public schools.