debbie reynolds

A resurfaced interview in which Reynolds shares her terrifying pre-Roe v. Wade pregnancy story is gaining new traction after the Supreme Court decision put abortion access in peril.
"She was the one who said, 'Oh, my God, you guys are fabulous, I’m gonna show you around to all the people,’" Richie recalled to Andy Cohen.
Her mom, Carrie Fisher, and grandma Debbie Reynolds died days apart in 2016.
"If I say that I’m doing good, I’m too happy. And if I say that I’m not doing good, then I’m a mess," she told Ellen DeGeneres.
The actor has been incredibly supportive since Lourd lost her mom Carrie Fisher and grandma Debbie Reynolds.
Fisher's mother, Debbie Reynolds, was also honored.
Are Juniper and Jayceon the next Jennifer and Jason?
R2-D2 and Dan Aykroyd celebrated the iconic actresses at the event hosted by Todd Fisher.