More than 10 years after the Disney Channel sitcom went off the air, Twitter chatter speculated about sexual tension between step-siblings Derek and Casey.
The Iowa congressman was defending not allowing exceptions for rape and incest in anti-abortion legislation he tried to pass in Congress.
The father and daughter both claimed their relationship was “consensual and mutual," the sheriff's office said.
The famed "seducer" is at the center of a new museum. Will it tell the whole truth about him?
In 1996, Justine and Jim were charged in the sexual assault and exploitation of their then 13-year-old biological daughter
Each of them could spend up to three years in jail.
Patricia Spann also reportedly wed her son about eight years ago, but the union was annulled.
With Erik Axl Sund's perverse murder saga, The Crow Girl, the pseudonymous authors (a handsome pair of black-clad men resembling Scandinavian metal superstars on the back flap), have created a difficult, twisted, irony-free novel with a wildly unreliable narrator.
Judging from interviews, it appears that Woods thinks she need not take middle-of-the-road positions to win in her swingiest
Instead of addressing centuries of violent crimes against women and men, girls and boys, they create a myth about vulnerable people who are simply trying to live authentically.