Gina McCarthy

“It’s an all-out attack on environmental protection,” Gina McCarthy said.
Meanwhile, reporters speculated about the scorpion cookies in the room.
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Former New Jersey governor Christine Todd Whitman (R), who headed the EPA under President George W. Bush, has written to President Obama's EPA head to argue that the EPA's proposed regulation to reduce the risks of explosions at U.S. chemical plants is too weak.
Whenever I host an event, I find myself worrying about the same things. Will people show up? Will the restaurant serve the
A new report describes the public health risks of climate change in sobering detail.
The current Republican front-runner for president, Donald Trump, has made it clear that the Environmental Protection Agency
Why are we wasting time apportioning blame before the problem is fixed and the poor children and families of Flint have fresh, clean water to drink and cook with and bathe in?
"He needs to go to jail, but only after he cleans this mess up and Flint is fixed."
When we watch TV commercials, we're conditioned to be skeptical about the claims made by advertisers. Well, that's the same skepticism you should bring to industry claims about the cost of clean air rules.
In a surprise procedural decision yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court put the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan on pause while a lower court reviews it. The Court did not weigh in on the merits of the Environmental Protection Agency's plan, and didn't explain its reasoning.
The stay is the latest in a series of legal setbacks for the Obama administration's environmental regulations.