The NBA star and the rappers Drake and Future are producers behind the “Black Ice” documentary via their production companies.
The new Sharks general manager played in three seasons for the hockey team.
The couple watched the Stanley Cup Finals and were shocked when the trophy was mistakenly delivered to their home.
The man, identified by police as James Anastasio, 29, also allegedly punched a second person as he fled the scene.
The NHL player made one of the coolest assists in recent memory against the Buffalo Sabres.
The incident happened at a high school game in Pennsylvania.
The Columbus Blue Jackets goaltender was struck in the chest by a fireworks mortar blast, according to an autopsy.
The youth coach and former Team USA under-17 player thought he caught a cold, but the symptoms worsened.
Athletes from nearly every sports league sat out their games to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake.
With sports seasons on hold, fans around the world are left to cope with the loss.