Suzanne Somers

She also joked that her political stance would kill her career.
“I want to be working in Vegas when I’m 80 — no kidding!”
I know some people feel swagger implies arrogance, but I like to think of it as radical self-love. Swagger can sometimes influence narcissism, but most often narcissists don't have swagger so much as a bull's-eye on their forehead where everyone wants to hit them with a cherry pie.
Suzanne Somers feels completely at home in her new Las Vegas nightclub act. While on stage Somers, 68, has an intimate conversation with her audience and ponders the question: How do we get to the places we are at in our lives?
Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with Suzanne Somers here. Somers, who was famously fired from "Three's Company" when
A rep for Manilow had no comment. "They're married," Somers replied, "and really happy, and I was there when it was announced
So how long does it take to add some Disney magic to Dancing with the Stars ? Would you believe 9 months?
If you come across this episode prior to February 7th, 2015, attend this year's gala at the Palm Springs Convention Center.
The weight loss industry is notorious for false advertising and fake claims and Dr. Oz, boyishly appealing with an M.D., is