Warren Jeffs

Orson William Black, who fled sex charges in Arizona 15 years ago, was turned over to police.
Americans are increasingly comfortable with the idea of being married to more than one person at a time.
He allegedly escaped house arrest after he was slapped with fraud charges.
Brielle Decker said she was 65th of Warren Jeffs's estimated 79 wives.
Lyle Jeffs, one of the leaders of a fundamentalist polygamist church, has been missing since last month.
The Justice Department says they denied access to water and police protection to nonchurch members.
Standing outside the temple back then, Oprah pointedly asked about allegations that temple contained beds used for having
HILDALE, Utah — “I finally heard about this thing called Facebook, like, a year ago. I had no idea what it was,” says 22
"Whenever possible, we send inmates needing medical attention to Hospital Galveston because it is a secure prison facility
Some of the secrecy surrounding one of the nation's most well-known polygamist churches has been unearthed. Flora Jessop