Black Panther Party

But the researchers warn that despite hits like “Black Panther” and “Crazy Rich Asians," Hollywood leaders "must not grow complacent."
Great movies with black directors you can watch right now.
“Black Panther” will come back to movie theaters during Black History Month.
The superhero film is back in hundreds of movie theaters across the country -- for free.
Chadwick Boseman delivered a powerful speech about what it means to be "young, gifted and black."
“Black Panther” has received an Oscar nomination for best picture, making it the first superhero movie to ever receive the honor.
You can already find some movies up for Academy Awards on Netflix.
"I’ve worked with these incredible filmmakers that happen to be women, they were the best people for the job," the director told The New York Times.
Actress Danai Gurira's stunning gown was inspired by Zimbabwe’s national flower, the flame lily.
From the casts of "Crazy Rich Asians" and "Black Panther" to Cardi B, diversity was the real winner this year.
Danai Gurira talks "Avengers," "Walking Dead" and her new project for World AIDS Day.
"It just brings us all a bit closer together and we recognize each other within each other," the actor and rapper said.
"One must respect the game and place," an official said months after she wore it at the tournament.
The "Creed 2" star brought high schooler Audeva Agyeman to set and it was "one of the best days" of her life.
The "Girls Trip" star also rapped as Cardi B and got "pregnant" by Michael B. Jordan.
Actor Michael B. Jordan said he no longer wants to audition for roles specifically written as African-American. Instead, he’ll be looking to portray characters expected to be white.
"Me playing that role is going to make it what it is," the "Black Panther" star said.