Black Panther Party

Apple TV+’s new heist series about the unbelievable true story of Huey P. Newton’s 1974 escape to Cuba raises questions about Black mythmaking.
The actor and stunt performer reportedly suffered several broken bones, fractures and chipped teeth in the accident.
His accuser, saxophonist María Elene Ríos, said it's “very difficult to talk about ... the abuse of power of a sexual predator who is loved around the world.”
The rapper was born in Harlem, but credited Oakland as the location where he got his “game” and launched his career.
France’s defense minister has denounced the way he says French soldiers deployed in Africa appear to be depicted in the Marvel Studios superhero film.
“Lift Me Up" marked the latest solo effort from the iconic singer following the 2016 album "Anti."
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave out some well-deserved nods, but not without raising eyebrows. Here are some of the Oscar nominations making headlines.
The actor has been tight-lipped about a potential series featuring the fiercely loyal protector of Wakanda's leader.
Huerta, who plays the villain Namor, had "Black Panther" fans piping up about his package.
“Black Panther” star Letitia Wright flamed an article by The Hollywood Reporter for grouping her with Oscar contenders accused of abuse and sexual misconduct.