Trump reportedly does not like to be seen wearing reading glasses.
If you’re one of the millions of Americans flushing your contact lenses down the toilet or sink, listen up. Researchers found that the plastic moves through sewage, slips into and pollutes our oceans and can be traced in the food we consume.
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They supposedly "intensify the wine’s fruit and floral aromas and silkiness as it enters the mouth."
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Your guide to affordable glasses, prescription sunglasses, bifocals, trifocals and more 🤓
"They're new, you've probably never heard of them."
Starting on August 10, Amazon began to email customers to issue a recall of potentially hazardous solar eclipse glasses.
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*Takeaway- the surgery was essentially a Kubrick film marathon. It also kind of reminded me of that scene from RoboCop where
Luxottica has an outsized influence over the entire industry, and they can charge you whatever they want.
Each generation is different from the one that precedes it. Sometimes these differences are stark -- the era of Eisenhower leading into the Woodstock years, for instance -- and sometimes they are much more subtle. An overlooked way to examine the size of these generational differences is to compare the buying habits of one generation to another.
But if you're considering Lasik, you probably have some questions like, "Will I be laid up for days?" "Will it hurt?" And: "What are the odds it'll work?" Before you go under the laser, here are a few things you should know.
Exploring the stereotypes of the women behind spectacles
Do your friends and family ever wonder why you don't hear better with your hearing aids? Mine sometimes do, which can be frustrating, especially when you are working extremely hard to hear the best that you can.
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Some people dread swimsuit shopping. Others consider the process of finding jeans that fit as enjoyable as a colonoscopy. For me, I've never not ended a session of eyeglasses shopping without choking back rage tears at the optometrist's. And, as someone who's needed glasses since the second grade (my vision finally plateaued at -7.5 in middle school), I've had a lifetime of anguish to come to the conclusion that I have a deformed head.
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The struggle was real ... blurry. 🤓